SMS Marketing Features on Subtext

Simple. Impactful. Discover the benefits of SMS with Subtext.


Custom Welcome Message

Create a standout welcome message that introduces you and sets the tone for your SMS channel.

Contact Cards

Send custom contact cards to create the “texting with a friend” experience and ensure subscribers know it's you.

Scheduled Messages

Take a breather on your busiest days by scheduling your texts in advance. Whether it’s a big launch or a new episode, your subscribers will know the moment it drops.

Templated Replies

Respond to frequently asked questions with the click of a button using templated replies, allowing you to engage with your audience at scale.

Preview Text

Review your text message before sending it to make sure it feels authentic and native to the platform.


Meet incoming messages with auto-replies to minimize “unread messages” and keep up with your subscribers at scale.

Drip Sequences

Optimize outreach and encourage action with a series of time-released automated messages.

MMS and Emoji Support

Enhance your messages effortlessly with built-in support for links, images, videos, voice notes, and emojis.

Grow Your Subscribers

Custom Landing Pages & Embeds

Need to boost your brand visibility? Showcase your brand with custom landing pages and embeds for your text channel.

Keyword-Enabled Sign-up

Want an even easier way to drive subscribers? Simplify sign-ups by allowing your audience to subscribe automatically with a specific text keyword.

Unique Sign-up Methods

Let voicemail trigger an instant subscription. Integrate seamless sign-up links in user-friendly forms. Use URLs to drive your audience straight to their SMS app. However users reach your unique campaign number, sign-up is easy and intuitive.

Robust API

Need SMS features with advanced integration capabilities? Use Subtext’s API to send text messages, manage subscriptions, and fetch analytics from your own platform. (Click here for API documentation.)

CSV Import

Have a list of audience phone numbers ready to engage? Import your audience data via CSV to get texting in no time.


Audience Tags

Master targeting and personalization. With Subtext’s SMS features, you can tag subscribers with self-declared data via the sign-up form or keywords. Import your first-party data to assign audience tags instantly.

Segmented Messaging

Deliver hyper-relevant content. Segmented messages can zero in on specific subscribers based on audience tags. Want to leverage the benefits of SMS to target NYC Bitcoin fans? We’ve got you.

Text Channel Management at Scale

Run countless text exchanges. With Subtext, your team can manage multiple text channels serving different audiences as needed.

Smart Inbox Control

Inbox Filtering

We help you stay focused on what matters. Subtext auto-filters your inbox to show the most important messages from subscribers.

Muting Subscribers

We’re here for your peace of mind. In the rare case that a subscriber is bothering you, you can hide all incoming messages from that person.

Adaptive Capabilities


Boost the benefits of SMS with an audible touch. Record a custom voicemail for your channel, with the option to create a phone tree so fans can listen to exclusive content—and even leave you a voicemail in return.

International Capabilities

Connect with audiences worldwide. Subtext is available internationally, allowing you to reach your audience no matter where they are—because the best SMS features know no borders.

Promo Codes

Minimize barriers to entry for your paid subscriptions. Attract new subscribers and retain existing ones by offering unique promo codes and special sales.

Analytics & Reporting

Monthly Reports

Deep insights at your fingertips: Comprehensive monthly reports provide granular data on subscriber segments, engagement rates, click-through rates, and more. Learn more about the impact of detailed SMS insights in our case studies.

Live Analytics

Performance analysis in real time: Live metrics, such as total subscribers, churn rate, and engagement rate, help you monitor the health of your text channel on a daily basis.

Security & Compliance

White Glove Campaign Registry

Subtext maintains close relationships with carriers, allowing us to provide a white glove campaign registry service that ensures your traffic is registered and delivered.

Two-Factor Authentication

Our multi-factor authentication shields you from threats, so you can rest easy knowing your account is protected by 2FA to ensure you and your subscribers are safe.

Audit Logs

We offer security features for SMS without compromises, including a detailed record of the messages sent by any user who is managing your text channel.

Hands-on Support

Subtext offers hands-on help to boost your campaign integrity. Browse answers to commonly asked questions to learn more about how we support authentic SMS success.

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