Generating Revenue from Affiliate Links


A client in the tech journalism space running a deal-hunting e-commerce Subtext campaign came to our team for help optimizing their Amazon Prime Day affiliate text strategy. They wanted to engage their loyal Subtext community, and subsequently drive incremental revenue by promoting affiliate partner exclusive Prime Day deals, via text.

Prime Day Deals - case study page
Prime Day Deals blue - case study page


Subtext worked with the client to effectively target their robust SMS audience with the hottest Amazon Prime Day 2022 deals. Over 5 days, they sent 22 texts, ranging from deals on big-ticket items like gaming consoles to mobile devices, kitchen appliances, home goods, and everything in between. Texts highlighted lightening deal alerts and drove subscriber clicks that converted to purchase, further proving that consumers want deals easily accessible, and texted straight to their phones.


In addition to text, the client promoted affiliate Prime Day deals across several mediums including articles, email, and display. Not only was the campaign a huge hit with subscribers, but five of the top 25 overall most purchased Prime Day items were promoted through Subtext (one of which was shared exclusively with their SMS audience.)

  • Overall, the Amazon Prime texts had a CTR of 15%
  • Most Prime Day texts had a CTR of 10% or more.
  • The top three best-performing texts had a CTR of 20%-32%

As a direct comparison, e-commerce, daily deal, and e-coupon industry standard benchmarks are below:

  • Search: ~2.7%
  • Display: ~0.51%
  • Email: ~2.3%
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