Drove $231K in Gross Profit Through SMS Marketing Channel


As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, the emphasis on privacy has placed pressure on the discontinuation of cookie based tracking on browser and devices. It has never been more important to maximize an Auto Dealer’s 1st party data. Maximizing communication efforts via SMS is a foundational marketing strategy that drives engagement and gross profit. The team at Bill Dickason Chevrolet was looking for an innovative and effective way to communicate with new and existing customers.


Bill Dickason Chevrolet launched an SMS marketing channel to send text messages to drive car sales, repair orders, and vehicle acquisition. The team focused on sending 1-2 texts per month to inform existing customers of monthly service specials or promotions on new and used vehicles.

Using Subtext’s tagging and segmentation feature, the team was able to create personalized marketing messaging to target consumers based on the type of vehicle(trucks and sedans) or condition of the vehicle(new and used). They also focused specific, aggressive service specials to customers that had not been in for service in over a year.

Bill Dickason 1
Bill Dickason 2


After 12 months of using the Subtext platform, Bill Dickason’s SMS channel converted 17,092 customers into SMS subscribers with an over 90% retention rate. Let’s look at how it drove customer engagement and meaningful revenue over 12 months and 15 total text messages. Total Investment: $19,980

Auto Service

7 text messages sent

Received 130 customer responses that resulted in:

  • 43 Repair orders per broadcast
  • Average value per R/O was $289

Auto Sales

7 text messages sent

Received 449 customer responses that resulted in:

  • 23 Pre-owned cars sold with an average gross profit of $2,450
  • 28 New cars sold with an average gross profit of $2,250
  • Finance and warranty
    $56,100 gross profit

Vehicle Acquisition

1 text message sent

Received 77 customer responses that resulted in:

  • 6 Units acquired
  • 28 Units via trade
  • Assumed gross profit: $83,300
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