IRONMAN Creates New Communication and Marketing Channel with Subtext

As we approach summer and restrictions are being lifted across the country, we're taking a deeper dive into athletic competitions and races. Allow me to introduce a global sensation, one of the largest operations for sports endurance races: IRONMAN. With races held across the world, IRONMAN athletes see no boundaries and have proven that anything is possible. 

Recently, the team behind the world-famous triathlon has been using Subtext to better communicate with athletes over a race weekend, while also developing a new marketing channel. 

With 1500+ athletes per race, so far the IRONMAN team has used Subtext for IRONMAN Tulsa and Gulf Coast. On both occasions, they had a clear game plan for keeping athletes in the loop throughout the races, using a simple but effective Subtext feature: Scheduled broadcasts.

Using the scheduling feature in the host dashboard allowed them to strategize their outreach and draft operational messages ahead of time. This gave them the opportunity to balance additional priorities during busy race weekends. Keep reading for key takeaways.

Customer Service 

Subtext proved to be a customer service tool they didn’t know they needed, alleviating any additional stress, and providing the bandwidth to focus on the athletes' day of needs and questions. 

Ironman 1

From building out their campaign and getting it up and running in less than 12 hours to bulk importing the contact information of over 1600 athletes, Subtext brought everyone together in one place for seamless race day communication.

QuoteCardSocial7-1Marketing Opportunities

Simultaneously, IRONMAN has taken advantage of using Subtext as a marketing tool. Seizing the opportunity to connect with athletes in a timely manner, reminding them that IRONMAN has their back beyond the races.

Ironman 2

Gathering Feedback

Whether Subtext serves as a mode of communication or a marketing extension, perhaps one of the most important key takeaways from the team's campaign strategy is gathering audience feedback through surveying. The IRONMAN team sets a great example of using surveys as a way to enhance athletes' experiences moving forward.

Ironman 3

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