Text Channels to Subscribe To This Month: December 2023

It's officially the holiday season. This month, we've compiled some of our favorite text channels to help you get through the holidays. Whether you need help with the conversation or want to know what the stars are saying about your upcoming year, these picks are here to help. Here are our picks for December. 

Need An Opinion?:

The Washington Post is here to help you get through all the awkward conversations that inevitably arise during the holiday season. From Christmas songs to nepo babies, the Opinions team at The Washington Post has your back. You'll always know what to talk about. FREE 

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Let's Play Whamageddon:

Whamageddon seems like it's become an annual holiday tradition for many people. Step it up this year by playing with WHAM! themselves! After the holidays, stay up-to-date with the band on the latest news. FREE

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Jelly Roll:

The Grammy nominated Nashville rapper has joined the Subtext platform. He's texting about the latest music, merch, tour dates, and more. Join the family and stay up-to-date. FREE

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How To Be A Financially Savvy Shopper:

The holidays are upon us and we all want to get the best gifts at the best price. The Washington Post is offering a free 5-day course about being a financially savvy shopper. Sign up if you want to learn how to spend wisely this season. FREE

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Astrology Updates:

If you're trying to find out what the stars have in store for you this holiday season or next year, Astrology Updates is here to help you keep up with the transits and astrological energies of the moon and all the planets. $11.00/MONTH

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We hope you enjoy our December suggestions and have a great month!

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