MMA Sports Handicapper Earns $22k per Month


MMA Shark is a premium sports handicapping service focused on the growing industry of Mixed Martial Arts.The founder, Paul had a growing Facebook group where he gave out high performing MMA outcomes and picks for free. Paul came to Subtext to figure out how he can both monetize and grow his business.


The Subtext team worked with Paul the MMA Shark to launch a paid subscription campaign for $109/mo where he offered subscribers the latest information and picks sent straight to their phone. Paul is often crunching numbers  until the last minute, making text the best medium to get his subscribers the latest information before they place their bets. Paul leveraged his established Facebook group to grow subscribers as well as ran promotional ads across top MMA sites.

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Paul quickly turned his hobby into a successful, scalable business.  With only 2% churn and a growing audience, Paul's MMA Shark campaign is helping him earn over $22K a month in gross revenue.Paul was able to foster personal relationships, aid in retention, and convert his audience into long term fans using Subtext.

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