How The MMA Shark Used Subtext to Turn His Hobby into a Business

The world of MMA is intense and never backs down. A former promoter-turned-analyst founded "The MMA Shark,"  a premium sports handicapping service, and was looking to find a way to grow his business. He had a healthy Facebook group where he gave out high-performing MMA outcomes and picks however, he was providing this service for free. Paul "The MMA Shark" enlisted Subtext and found success with his campaign by offering subscribers strategic MMA betting advice. Let's break down his success story and the steps he took to convert his fans into text subscribers paying a premium to receive picks straight to their phones.image0


Having covered the sport of MMA for many years, The MMA Shark had already established himself as a prominent figure within his circle. He started with a private Facebook group, providing his knowledge and insight into the sport which gained him a reputation as a reliable source for strategic betting advice. This allowed him to enlist the team at Subtext to help turn his hobby into a business overnight. Using our paid subscription model, Pauls's Subtext campaign helped him rack in over 22k of gross revenue in just one

Sponsored Ads

Along with his Facebook group, Paul also focused his marketing strategy on setting up sponsored ads that ran across various sources that included Facebook and other MMA news outlets. These targeted ads reached MMA fanatics far and wide and allowed him to grow his business quickly. Screen Shot 2022-08-26 at 2.37.43 PM

Texts On-the-Move

For Paul, it's important for him to be able to provide his picks and deliver important information to his subscribers as quickly as possible. With texting, he can do just that; helping foster those personal relationships, aid in retention, and convert users into long-term followers.

Additionally, his audience loves his SMS service which boasts a churn rate of under 2%.

Key Takeaways

Subtext and SMS is the most effective method for scaling your business and customer retention:

  • Referrals - Increase subscription conversion by leveraging your already established fanbase
  • Sponsored Ads - Strategic ad placement is an effective way to reach targeted users where they are and increase the likelihood of conversion
  • Texts at scale - SMS is a proven tool allowing hosts to communicate important information to users when they want it leading to increased retention and scalability.

Learn more about how Subtext can help you monetize and grow your following. Reach out at .

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