How YouTubers Are Using Subtext To Drive Viewership And Loyalty

Making sure audiences stay engaged is one of YouTuber's top struggles. With a variety of platforms available, people’s attention is being pulled in every direction. Relying on social media to distribute content means that creators are at the mercy of algorithms, giving them less control over their content and audience. In a survey of YouTube creators, 32.9% said their biggest struggle was growing their audience.

So how can creators keep their audience engaged with SMS? Here are a few quick tips:

Turn Fans Into Superfans

Creating a community takes work, commitment, and patience, but Subtext makes it easier. Using our SMS platform, creators have the ability to communicate with their fans one-on-one or at scale through a medium that feels like an unfiltered conversation with a friend. Creators no longer need to rent audiences from unreliable social platforms but can actually own that relationship directly. With an open rate of 97% and an average click-through rate of 20%, creators are able to actually reach and engage audiences instantly. For example, Subtext user RossCreations launched a text community to engage more directly with his biggest fans. The two-way communication functionality allowed Ross to chat with his superfans to get instant feedback on new content and generate ideas for his next prank. This direct feedback loop creates a deep sense of loyalty for fans, converting fans into superfans. 

RossCreations 2


Engage Fans Around New Content

Those first hours after a video is posted are important. Using Subtext, you can instantly send notifications to fan's phone when a new video drops. Musician and Youtube Creator Unghetto Mathieu has been using Subtext to encourage his fan to check out his latest videos; everything from new music to crazy unscripted interviews with unsuspecting strangers in the mall. He also encourages engagement around his videos by making a game out of the comment section.

Unghetto Mathieu

Drive Revenue 

With Subtext, there are many ways for YouTubers to financially support their business. Creators have the option to launch a subscription service where superfans are able to pay creators monthly to gain exclusive access to new videos, behind-the-scenes, and AMAs with the creator. Creators can also include a text community as a value add to an existing paid subscription service such as Patreon or Substack. RossCreations provides another example where he uses his Subtext community as a top funnel for fans. Ross understood that his most engaged fans would sign up for his text community, allowing it to be a perfect marketing channel for his premium subscription service


It’s harder than ever for creators to keep their followers engaged and grow their businesses. Using a tool like Subtext helps them not only stay engaged but create hardcore fans that will consume their content for a long time and make sure their content is what fans actually want to see.

If you are looking for a way to keep your fans engaged and drive revenue, book a demo with us today.

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