New Feature: Drip Sequences

Subtext is excited to announce our newest feature on the platform: Drip Sequences! At Subtext, we’re always looking to find new ways to empower our users to engage with their audiences and start meaningful conversations efficiently and effectively. Drip sequences were specifically designed to make SMS communication easier to both execute and personalize. This feature allows Subtext users to set up an automated series of text messages that start sending whenever a subscriber signs up. This ensures that subscribers see every text message in that series, regardless of when they sign up. With an automated series set up, you can ensure your SMS channel is always active and engaging with subscribers. 

Drip Sequence Detail

Drip sequences allow Subtext clients to bring their subscribers along a predetermined journey. Here are a few creative ways to use drip sequences:

  • A health journal launches “A Month Of Health & Wellness Tips” where subscribers receive a new helpful tip every day of the month.
  • Leading up to an album release, a musician sends out exclusive merchandise to drive excitement and fan engagement.
  • Post-conference, organizers send out a month's worth of reminders to attendees asking them to rate their sessions and encourage early sign-ups for next year's conference.
  • An e-commerce campaign incentivizes new subscribers to check out new products by sending out a discount code every couple of weeks.

ezgif-2-34bdae3553These are just a few ideas. If you’re interested in learning more about Drip Sequences, schedule a time to talk to one of our SMS experts.

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