New feature: keyword signups

We have an exciting product update!

Our new feature, keyword signups, is a new subscriber signup method that alleviates the risk of users falling off the subscription process. It also enables easier signup for non-English campaigns.

Starting now, new subscribers can instantly sign up to a campaign by texting in a unique keyword that the host determines. It’s that quick and easy. By texting a campaign's signup keyword, subscribers will now automatically receive the welcome message, surpassing the 4-digit verification process and enabling instant two-way SMS communication. 

How it works: Host's come up with a case-insensitive signup keyword (like “san francisco”) then notify a Subtext Support team member to implement it. When someone texts that keyword to the campaign number(s), they are immediately signed up to texts and no further action is needed. If an unsubscribed user texts anything other than the chosen keyword, they will still just receive a link to sign up to your campaign. Multiple words, letters, numbers, spaces, underscores, and dashes are all permitted in your signup keyword. As this does avoid the verification process, this is only available for free campaigns. Paid campaigns will still require a sign up to enter payment information.

Are you already a host and want to enable a keyword for instant signups? Reach out to your customer success rep!

Interested in setting up a demo and learning more about keyword signup? Reach out at or schedule a demo on our site!

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