Tidy Up This Spring With Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is here to help guide you along your spring cleaning journey. By utilizing Subtext's platform and engagement features, they're able to deliver the exact content their subscribers want directly to their phones, leading to meaningful engagement and retention. Let's dive into it!

Earlier in the year, the Apartment Therapy team hosted a January Cure 2023 event where they offered their subscribers a free 20-day SMS program all expertly delivered to them daily every weekday via text. Subscribers were able to keep track of their progress throughout the program as they cleaned, decluttered, and revamped their homes for the year ahead.  Apartment Therapy 1

For spring, they're offering even more helpful tips. Aptly titled "Spring Cleaning Cure", you can now sign up for their free 10-day SMS program as their expert editors walk you through each assignment to help clean and refresh your space. By utilizing Subtext's scheduling feature, campaign set up was quick and easy.

Apartment Therapy 2

In addition to these free programs, Apartment Therapy offers weekly SMS texts to liven up your kid's rooms with Cubby Finds, as well as transformation and design inspirations for your entire house with their Weekly Digest. Check them out!

Brightly lit office space with desk chair, coffee tables, plants and day bed

Apartment Therapy's SMS campaigns are focused on delivering the right content to the right subscriber which ultimately builds loyalty and subscriber satisfaction. If you're interested in learning more about how to start your own Subtext campaign, schedule time to talk to our platform experts here. Happy cleaning!

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