Case Studies

Check out how businesses and individuals are using Subtext to directly engage with their audience and reach their goals. 

CaseStudy_NY Post-1

Subscriber Benefit

Offered paid subscribers exclusive access to their favorite sports reporters 


Drive Revenue 

Launched a campaign accompanying their successful podcast earning $50k in revenue


Affiliate Marketing

Drove revenue by delivering Amazon Prime deals directly to subscribers phones 


Create a Business

Sports handicapper Paul the MMA shark turned his hobby into a business that earns $22k a month

CaseStudy_Battles End

Drive Donations

Raised over $100k in 24 hours for FSU's NIL Collective


Audience Engagement

Offered exclusive content to super-fans while asking for feedback resulting in new content ideas


Live Coverage

Hosted a live Q&A around the presidential debates resulting in 17% engagement



Utilized SMS to engage attendees leading up to and during the event resulting in 36% engagement

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