Fundraising With SMS

The holidays are a time for giving. As businesses come to a close, we're all taking a look back at what we're thankful for and how we can give back to the communities that helped us and our loved ones in 2022. 

Subtext client Paul, CEO of MMA Shark, wanted to give back to an organization that helped him and his family in a big way. 

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Though he raises funds for CHOP annually, this was the first year he utilized his SMS channel to spread the word and collect donations. He sent a series of texts that explained it was CHOP night and that he would request funds from subscribers who volunteered to contribute. 

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Paul was amazed at the generosity of his subscribers and found that he could raise $10,000. 

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Paul's donation was ultimately matched by an anonymous contributor which brought the fundraising total to an amazing $20,000. This is a testament to the connection Paul has made with his subscribers. 


As a host of an SMS community, you become an intimate part of people's lives.  Paul shows us how invaluable it is to build those connections. What you give, will always give back.

To learn more about how to launch your own SMS channel, reach out here.


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