How Dr. Puja uses text to break down equity barriers

This week we’re highlighting a medical professional and host who takes her own approach on sharing the in’s and out’s of healthy living. Dr. Puja’s Health Stuff to Know aka “Think Healthy” is a text campaign and newsletter focused on bringing digestible health and wellness content to her audience.

Think_Healthy_Doctor (1)Dr. Puja uses Subtext as a personal way to engage one on one with her audience, and she loves how authentic it all feels.

“We’re meeting people where they are and it is so exciting." 

Perhaps what's most valuable about this campaign is the platform it provides for subscribers to ask questions and gain health education. Dr. Puja says that her audience shares their appreciation for her medical insights, and told us her engagement sky rockets when she discusses and responds to questions about chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

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To keep users engaged, Dr. Puja always signs off her broadcasts with a note letting her audience know they can always reach out to her. She also tends to switch up her content, providing a multimodal experience.

"We try to provide an immersive experience by creating audio, videos, and text. I feel this keeps things exciting and engaging for our end user.”

Subscribe to Dr. Puja’s campaign here.

A few things we love to see when sending out Broadcasts:

  1. Short and sweet texts

    1. Collecting subscriber preferences via the segmentation tool
    1. Collecting feedback and executing giveaways
    1. Mythbusters in less than 640 characters 


    Keep up the great work Dr. Puja! 

    If you're interested in learning more about to utilize text to better serve your community, book a free demo at


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