How Tegna is utilizing Subtext for their new brand: Verify This

This week we’re highlighting a Subtext first: A host launching a text campaign alongside a new brand. Verify This is a newly launched multi-platform interactive program, and Subtext campaign, dedicated to helping communities distinguish between true and false information. Powered by TEGNA, the VERIFY team's objective is to serve the greater good of communities by combating misinformation. But, not without the help of questions and claims submitted by their audience.

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VERIFY provides insight into claims and sources allowing their audience to see exactly how the team verifies information. As they focus on driving awareness, Subtext seamlessly compliments their vision to encourage informative discussions.

As we know, promotional strategies can be done in various ways. But the question is, which strategies have the most potential and how do you truly maximize reachEssentially, it's about the platforms you focus your efforts on to reach your target audience. VERIFY focuses on communities, and communities are most approachable when they feel a part of the conversation.

By opening up the floor for claims, feedback, and follow-up questions, VERIFY is eager to start the conversation and determined to continue it.

In addition to their commitment to transparency, VERIFY sets a great example of spreading the word via creative promotional efforts. Leading up to their website launch, they integrated newsletters, blog posts, tweets, and introductory videos that also promoted their Subtext campaign. 

A couple things we love to see: 

1. Digestible content via daily newsletters (sign-up here)


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2. Cross-platform promotion



Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 2.55.40 PM


Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 2.53.28 PM

Don't forget to follow along with this campaign here.

We're always excited to see the unique ways our clients incorporate Subtext into their organizations. Interested in learning how you could utilize Subtext? Request a free demo by emailing 

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