How lifestyle reporters are using SMS to expand their coverage

Journalists across the newsroom are using SMS to engage with readers. Subtext’s flexible platform allows lifestyle and entertainment reporters at Teen Vogue, Inc. and The Dallas Morning News to text their audiences in a personalized way.

Career Self-Care with Inc.’s Minda Zetlin

Fans of Minda Zetlin’s ‘The Laid Back Leader’ column on Inc. can pay $4.95 a month to get daily tips on self-care, productivity and mindfulness. In addition to promoting her business columns, Minda encourages her readers to take care of themselves with a ‘Monday Micro-Challenge’ and ‘Friday Thought texts.’

Minda says she gets readers talking by being vulnerable, personal and always asking a question. “I figure if I’m to provide value, the texts have to be something people can use to somehow improve their lives.”

Minda Broadcast #1

Restaurant News from Sarah Blaskovich

Sarah Blaskovich, a food writer at The Dallas Morning News, texts her extensive subscriber base  about food news in the area. She also engages with a smaller, even more food obsessed segment of her readers with an extra “Foodie Tip” on Thursdays.

Sarah has not only been able to chat one-on-one with readers, but her texts have also helped The Dallas Morning News gain new subscribers. One text offering a promo code led to a 5.5% conversion rate of Subtext subscribers to Dallas Morning News paid digital subscribers.

Sarah DMS Broadcast

Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue chats with readers over two separate texting campaigns, Today’s Take for daily news and Sun, Moon + Rising which focuses on their astrology content. Director of Audience, Chantal Waldholz says their astrology content performs well on other platforms, so they thought it needed its own campaign.

In one month, Teen Vogue was able to grow both of these campaigns nearly 80%. Chantal says they enjoy how real the conversations are. “Our readers on the other end of the text are so appreciative that the responses aren't automated, which helps to increase a loyal audience.”

Teen Vogue Broadcast


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