Maggie Rogers's WANT WANT Hotline

It started the way so many stories do in 2022: a tweet. A little easter egg among the many posts and promoted content, Maggie Rogers dropped the number of her new hotline. She used pick-up tactics reminiscent of pre-covid life. And it worked.


Phone Tree ☎️ 

Maggie Rogers's new WANT WANT hotline gave fans the opportunity to call in and "choose their own adventure".

7.7 - Phone Tree2-1Fans could:

  • Leave a voicemail
  • Hear Maggie's new single
  • AND...listen to an unreleased single from her new album 🎶

Yes, she gave fans exclusive insider access to a single that hadn't been released yet.

Let the Fans Promote 📣

The best type of content is fan-generated, and encouraging it creates a super-fan social currency that works!

Like we’ve seen with past campaigns, Maggie’s fans came out in masses when the hotline was released, promoting the number in various ways including full recreations of her WANT WANT promo photos.

7.7 - Phone image-1

VIP Access ✨

Subtext can help artists and creators engage their communities by offering exclusive access. Whether it’s a new music sneak peek, tour announcement, or listening party, we see engagement and CTRs in the double digits! 

7.7 - Phone image2

Think Outside the Box 

Subtext isn't just text, it's whatever you want it to be. Maggie's team gave us their vision and we made it a reality, creating Subtext's first phone tree and giving Maggie's fan's a truly one-of-a-kind experience.


Maggie's campaign promoted unique fan engagement, creating an incredible buzz ahead of her new album release on July 29th. The keys to success were:

  • Fan Generated Content -  This creates authenticity and promotes engagement from current and new fans
  • VIP Access - Giving fans a taste of something no one else can have is truly the ultimate value prop and will keep fans coming back for more
  • Think Outside the Box - Texts, calls, and more.
Our incredible team is always pushing the boundaries and we love to collaborate with our partners on new strategies.  Tell us what you WANT-WANT at .
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