How Subtext's Audio Features Drive Fan Engagement

We are always developing new ways to create deeper connections with your audience. While our focus is on text, we understand that sometimes you need a bit more. That’s why we’ve developed a suite of features that allow your fans to actually hear your voice and for you to hear theirs. Our audio-based features include three tools: custom voicemails, audio recordings, and calls to sign-up. Let's take a look at how some Subtext creators have used these features to drive fan engagement.

Call To Sign-up

The Dare decided to connect with fans differently by creating an interactive text and audio experience for fans. They subtly launched their hotline in the background of what appears to be a press photo. To promote their latest song, fans have been “dared” to call the number that appeared in the photo, where a custom voicemail from the band greets them. The band also enabled our newest voice feature which immediately subscribes a fan to their SMS campaign once a fan calls in and triggers a custom welcome text. By using text and audio, The Dare was able to drive excitement and engagement around their new release. 

Audio Messages

To build anticipation for her newest album Humble Quest, Maren Morris launched the “Humble Quest Hotline” where she released her first single and sent exclusive updates. Maren encouraged fans to text her or leave audio messages of times they’ve been humbled. Her team even created a series of merchandise that touted her "Humble Quest Hotline" campaign number.

She had a flood of fan stories from small moments to life-changing events. Maren and her team reached out to select fans to ask if they could share their stories and included them during an interview with Apple Music. These audio elements allowed Maren to create a deeper connection with her fans by including them intimately in the promotion of Humble Quest.

Humble Quest Hotline 1
Humble Quest Hotline 2
Humble Quest Hotline 3

Phone Tree

Maggie Rogers launched the WANT WANT Hotline to promote her latest single and album. She tweeted what seemed to be an inconspicuous picture of a phone number on the back of a receipt, but when called, fans got a “choose your own adventure” experience. Fans were given three options:

  1. Leave a voicemail.
  2. Hear Maggie’s new single.
  3. Listen to an unreleased single from her new album.

The custom phone tree gave fans a unique experience they went wild for, creating tons of fan-generated content. Her campaign received over 22,000 calls and 2,300+ voicemails from fans. Maggie took it a step further by recording her reactions to fans’ voicemails which she shared on TikTok


The audio-based features are a great way for creators to communicate and connect with fans on a deeper level. Whether you want to create buzz around new content, exchange audio recordings with fans, or create a more interactive experience, creators now have audio in their SMS marketing toolbox. 

If you are interested in exploring Subtext’s audio features, schedule a demo with the Subtext team.

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