Morning Brew Utilizes SMS For Annual Marketing Summit

Morning Brew recently held their annual Marketing Brew Summit: The Brief. The events team was looking for a day-of communication tool to contact and organize attendees throughout the day. This is where Subtext stepped in. Subtext provided an easy-to-use platform that allowed organizers to meet attendees where they were (on their phones). By texting, attendees were able to avoid searching through their email inboxes all day for relevant information. 

To set up their SMS communication, the Morning Brew team collected phone numbers during the ticket sales process. The Subtext team was then able to take those names and phone numbers and upload them using Subtext's CSV upload feature, making signup as simple as possible for organizers and attendees alike. The team emailed attendees that they should be expecting a welcome text from The Brief team and that text would be the main communication tool throughout the event. Dillon Dyer, Senior Marketing Manager at Morning Brew said, "Subtext was a game-changer at our in-person event, The Brief: Marketing Brew Summit. With almost 500 attendees on-site, it allowed us to communicate with everyone in a timely manner."Marketing Brew 1

Set up also included the events team taking advantage of Subtext’s scheduling feature to organize as much event communication as possible prior to the event. This included sharing the schedule, session reminders, wifi passwords, and prompts for attendees to submit questions for speakers. "During the event, we leveraged Subtext to provide a quick agenda change, secret giveaways, contests, surveys, and timing updates to keep everyone engaged", Dyer said.

Like any event, things can change at a drop of a hat and unexpected issues often arise, whether it's the timing of a session, the location of lunch, or a last-minute speaker change. For Morning Brew, there was a small wifi issue early in the day. Using Subtext, the team was able to immediately alert attendees about the issue and that it would soon be fixed.  Moments like these are why it’s important to have a tool that gives you instant and direct access to all attendees. "It was the perfect tool to connect, empower, inform, and leave a lasting impression on the overall event experience."Marketing Brew 2

All in all, The Brief was a big success that included inspirational speakers, interactive brand activations and considerable networking opportunities. SMS allowed the team to focus on putting on a great event knowing that communication with attendees was covered. "With Subtext, we effortlessly bridged the gap between attendees and Morning Brew employees", Dyer said. Subtext helps a variety of organizations streamline event communications to ensure that participants have the best experience possible. If your team is putting on an event soon, schedule a demo with our team to learn how we put your mind at ease. 

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