The Advantages of Opt-In Marketing

Opt-in marketing is permission marketing where a consumer provides permission to contact them through signing up to hear from you. Practically, it means the people who sign up WANT to hear from you. Requesting their permission to keep the lines of communication open brings you endless chances to let them know about things that are beneficial to them.

Own Your Audience

As we’ve talked about before, owning your audience plays a crucial role in long-term success. With outages as recent as August 2022, any outage or outright ban of social media would devastate anyone using those channels to reach their followers. Using opt-in marketing gives creators and content providers the safety and security of being able to take those subscribers with them no matter where you go.

Higher Engagement

Someone who has opted into your content is much more likely to engage with it. Right now, email is averaging a 21% open rate while Subtext, our opt-in texting platform, has open rates closer to 95%. In addition, the social media engagement rate averages anywhere from 1-8% while Subtext customers report an engagement rate of around 20%.

Avoid Being Listed as Spam

How many times have we all gotten an email we never signed up for and immediately marked it as spam? No one wants to end up on an email or texting blacklist because their audience didn’t opt-in and believes a creator’s content is spam. For those just starting, this can be detrimental to the empire they’re attempting to build and costly to fix. On top of requiring opt-ins, Subtext has made even further steps to mitigate this issue by using 10DLC numbers and registering each campaign with carriers to avoid being logged as spam.

Personalized Experience

Opt-ins allow you to learn more about each subscriber and therefore provide customized experiences. By collecting zip codes on Subtext you are able to geo-target your texts. Have an event in Austin, TX you want to promote? You can text just your subscribers located nearby. In addition, by using Subtext’s segmentation feature, you can have subscribers opt-in to different topics, allowing you to deliver content most aligned with what each subscriber wants. 78% of customers say that personalized content increases purchase intent.

What Does This Mean for You?

Taking advantage of opt-in marketing is key in any marketing strategy. With Subtext’s opt-in platform and sky-high engagement rates, we can help any individual or business grow and deepen their relationship with their audience.

Opt-in marketing gives you a solid list of people that you know will be excited to see your content and are ready to engage.

If you and your team are ready to use opt-in texting to your advantage, reach out at

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