Now You Can Text Segments of Your Audience

We’re excited to announce the capability to send broadcasts to segments of your audience. This now allows Subtext hosts the option to text every subscriber at once, individual subscribers or a subset of your subscribers based on their preferences. 


For example, you can ask your subscribers whether they want to receive texts on the weekends and then only send texts to that weekend audience. Segmenting your audience allows you to learn more about your most loyal fans and deliver curated content based on that information. Let's show you how it works. 

Here is a video introduction to segmentation. This will give you a quick overview and an idea of how you might use it.

From there, you can dive into examples. You can segment your audiences into buckets such as what city they live in or their favorite football team. There are endless tags you can assign to a subscriber so you can provide them with the most personalized experience.

Interested in learning more about segmentation or setting up your first text campaign? Schedule a demo with the Subtext team.

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