New feature: location-based segmentation

We have an exciting product update!

Subtext campaigns can now collect subscriber location information, allowing hosts to send location-specific texts directly from their dashboards. You heard that right, the opportunity for geographically defined marketing and personalized communication via text has never been easier!

Whether you're a newsroom looking to send hyper-local weather updates, an organization promoting a local or regional event, an artist letting fans know about the next stop on your tour, or a host just trying to get to know your audience better, we've got you covered. 

How do location-based segments work?

Much like email and name collection, campaigns can be configured to make it optional or required to capture subscriber-volunteered zip code information on the signup form. 

screencapture-acceptance-joinsubtext-locationexample-2021-11-09-17_09_07 copy

The subscriber-volunteered location information will then become a segment of your audience allowing you to send geo-targeted texts by zip code, city, or state. 

To learn more about location-based segmentation, schedule a demo

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