Subtext 2022 Wrap Up

2022. What a year!  From those who've grown with us, to transfers, and first years hosts, we want to say thank you for being a part of the Subtext community. But before we let you go for winter break and sweatpants become the new norm (again), we want to take a moment to look back on all we've accomplished this past year.

Highlight Reel-2

The Highlights

Record-breaking texts, total subscribers, and click-through rates were only a few of the many highlights from this past year.

But we couldn't have done all this without our AWESOME HOSTS!

Nominations and Awards B


This year some of our hosts ran award-winning campaigns, and because of you all, we even received recognition. A few honorable mentions are below: 

🏆 Subtext was the Digiday winner for Best Subscription Platform in 2022

🏆 News Corp Australia won a Kennedy Award for Outstanding Online News Breaking for their use of Subtext during the federal election

🏆 Dallas Morning News won a 2022 National Headliner Award for their use of Subtext during local weather emergencies 


2022 Glow Ups

We've all had a few "glow-ups" since high school and Subtext is no exception. Here are a few of the notable new features we launched this year, in case you missed them.

  • 🔗 SMS Links: We released another great promotional feature this year: SMS Links. SMS links are custom short links that redirect followers straight into their mobile messaging app with your campaign phone number preloaded into the contact field. This way, your audience can easily send a message to the number pre-populated in their preferred messaging app.
  • 📣 Auto-replies:  Responding to subscribers at scale can be time-consuming, so that's where auto-replies come in. Automatic replies are predetermined responses from the host that are sent out immediately upon receiving a ‘trigger’ word/phrase from a subscriber. Now all of your fans will know exactly where to buy your exclusive concert tee. 
  • ✍️ Subscriber Tags: Tag it. We can now import a specific audience group for you and group them with subscriber tags. Got separate lists for foodies AND sports gurus? We can tag them for you now and allow you to customize your broadcasts for these audiences' experiences even further. 


From artists and newsrooms to sports and e-commerce, here's a round-up of this year's standout Subtext hosts. 

Superlatives-Maggie                                       Superlatives-MMA

Superlatives-APT Therapy-2                                       Superlatives-CNET

Superlatives-Jon                                       Superlatives-Hill-1

Superlatives-Ross-1                                       Superlatives-Bayview-1

Superlatives-Lily-1                                       Superlatives-Career Melinda-1

Sign Our Yearbook!

Our hosts are anything but basic. Check out a few host shoutouts from the past year! 

Quote PRH-1

Quote CNET-1

Quote MMA Shark-1

Quote Jon-1

Quote APT Therapy (2)

Quote Minda

It's been a landmark year for the Subtext team, but we're looking forward to what's coming in 2023. If you're interested in learning more about how easy it is to use the Subtext platform to engage your biggest fans, book a demo.

We'll see you after the ball drops!

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