Subtext 2023 Wrap Up

We've come to the end of our 2023 Era. It's been quite the ride and if you asked us to pick just one word to describe it, we simply couldn't. We've dabbled in many eras this year and evolved in more ways than we can count.

So before you jet off on your holiday trips, we wanted to take a brief moment to look back at a few of Subtext's top eras from this year.

Roll the tape!  📽️ 

The Fearless Era

Fearless Era - Growth Metrics

The era that reigned 

While one word could never define our 2023 era, the closest we can come to is Fearless. We took some risks and it definitely paid off. 

The Reputation Era

Award Era

The era that transformed 

Bit by bit, we've built our reputation and shown that we are here to stay. But, we didn't do it alone. We have our awesome clients to thank for that! 

The Speak Now Era 

Speak Now NEW-1

The era that spoke 🗣️

At Subtext, we prefer to let our clients do the talking. And talk they did! Our awesome clients provided incredible feedback for us, resulting in countless platform updates and innovations.

The 1989 Era

1989 new

The era that pivoted 

Subtext leaned into the pivot hard this year, pushing beyond SMS and implemented voice features that produced the most original artist channels to date. 

1989 promos


The Lover Era

lover 2-1

The era that loved

The Subtext team has loved more channels than we can possibly count, but here are just a few from the past year that made our hearts skip a beat!  

Lover imagery

Fan Mail 

Letters from our fans


What comes next?

Whats next

The era that.....

As we move into the new year and shake off 2023, the Subtext team wanted to take a moment to thank our awesome clients and invite those interested in learning more about Subtext's SMS platform to reach out to learn more. We don't know yet where 2024 will take us, we just know we're taking you along for the ride. 

We'll see you in the next era. ✨

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