Why SMS Should Be In Your 2024 Marketing Plan

In the rapidly evolving landscape of marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. As we look ahead to 2024, marketers are confronted with a fresh set of challenges. From navigating economic uncertainty to respecting privacy concerns, maintaining brand safety to fostering authentic brand engagement, the outlook is both daunting and exciting. SMS marketing not only empowers marketers to create new strategies but also enriches current ones, enabling marketers to harness the potency of text to connect, resonate, and thrive in an ever-evolving digital ecosystem. Subtext’s SMS platform stands out for its ability to foster genuine relationships, two-way interactions, and long-lasting brand loyalty. Here's why you need to include SMS channel marketing in your 2024 marketing plan.

Balancing Personalization with Privacy

It seems like every day, we’re hearing about yet another data breach or privacy concerns from social media platforms. Striking the right balance between personalized marketing and respecting consumers' privacy seems like an unnavigable challenge to marketers. More and more privacy laws have come into place in 2023 in the US and brands will need to make sure their marketing is in accordance with these laws.SMS marketing is inherently privacy-friendly by being an opt-in-only platform. Major mobile carriers have worked together to create a united policy that requires all 10DLC campaigns to register their mobile traffic. The goal is to eliminate spam and encourage healthier engagement. Subtext includes a white-glove campaign registry service for all clients to ensure campaigns are compliant and that they achieve high deliverability rates.

With third-party cookies being phased out in 2024, advertisers will need to be more intentional with their data. The departure from cookies will allow companies to focus on their customers. SMS gives brands an opportunity to really get to know their audience by collecting first-party, audience-declared data. SMS with Subtext allows you to collect any audience data from location to preferred ice cream flavors. With features like customized segments, brands can weaponize their audience data to create personalized text communication at scale which ultimately drives brand loyalty, engagement, and revenue.

Driving Authentic Brand Engagement

Driving Authentic Brand Engagement

Between a flurry of automated emails, influencer posts, and more, the average consumer is exposed to over 4,000 ads per day. Building authentic connections with audiences and fans has become increasingly difficult with all the noise. Unlike other platforms that often prioritize one-sided communication, the Subtext platform fosters a two-way dialogue that resonates with audiences. This approach fosters authenticity creating a dynamic where audiences can feel engaged with rather than marketed to. With Subtext’s opt-in requirements, consumers have control over the messages they receive. 

While it may not target the largest audience upfront, SMS's power lies in its ability to attract your most engaged audiences and convert them into the most valuable ones over time. By targeting and nurturing that valuable audience, marketers boost the authority and equity of the brand. With a 96% open rate in the first three minutes of receiving a text and an average click-through rate of 20%, it’s obvious how impactful having a direct line of communication with an engaged audience can be. In essence, SMS with Subtext is more than a transactional tool; it's a conduit for building authority, equity, and lasting relationships with the most crucial asset—a brand’s audience.

Brand Safety

The volatility of social media landscapes, illuminated by multiple incidents where brands' messages were displayed alongside inappropriate content, has highlighted the urgency of safeguarding brand reputation. The controlled environment of text messaging mitigates those risks by providing a troll-free space where brands and creators can engage their audience. Whether you’re distributing original content, promoting an event, or collecting audience data, texting allows you to do it privately without the risk of bad actors muddying your communication channel. In a world where consumers scrutinize brands' ethics, SMS’s brand-safe space becomes crucial.

Reducing Churn

Reducing Churn

As economic uncertainties heighten, maintaining customer loyalty becomes paramount for sustained success. Marketers should view SMS as a strategic tool for curbing churn. Subtext's SMS platform was built to prioritize personalized engagement and authentic communication which establishes emotional connections that endure economic challenges. By investing in community building, Subtext helps brands retain customers who feel genuinely heard and valued. In times of financial strain, SMS subscribers are more likely to stick with brands that prioritize meaningful relationships. Thus, investing in Subtext not only reduces churn but also positions brands as steadfast partners, ensuring mutual resilience amid uncertain times.

The challenges marketers face in the coming year are substantial, but not insurmountable. As technology continues to evolve, the power of meaningful engagement remains, and Subtext is built to foster that engagement at every level. By helping secure brand safety, fostering authenticity, navigating economic uncertainty, and respecting privacy concerns, SMS helps marketers position themselves for success over the next year and into the future. If you want to integrate SMS into your 2024 marketing plan, schedule time with our platform experts.

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