Engaging Sports Fans Through SMS

The temperatures are dropping, kids are back in school, and the NFL is back with a vengeance. What better way to stay in the know about your favorite teams than with text? Whether it’s commentary from your favorite podcast host or an analysis of why your starting QB didn't produce, SMS can seamlessly be integrated into sports coverage so fans can stay in the know from football to hockey and beyond. We’re going to show you a few ways Subtext clients are using SMS communication to reach, activate, and educate sports fans this fall.

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Engage Podcast Listeners

Podcast extraordinaire and veteran Subtext client, Doug Lesmeries from Buckeye Talk, has done it again!  Doug recently launched his new show, The Podcast, to talk all things Ohio State Football and with it, a companion SMS channel. With SMS, Doug takes the conversation even further, providing live coverage on game days and daily news and analysis of the team. To grow his subscriber base, Doug strategically leveraged his podcast listeners by promoting his SMS channel throughout the podcast, linking to it in each episode description and sharing it across his social profiles. Doug has created a highly engaged, loyal audience throughout his time on Subtext that has paid off.

Add SMS Channels To Your Paid Subscription Package

Do you already offer a subscription service? Add an SMS channel to the mix. The New York Post offers its Post Sports+ members text access to their favorite reporters during every sporting season. From basketball to hockey, the NY Post offers direct access to a variety of their biggest reporters giving them up-to-date coverage of their favorite teams year-round. The team saw 25% of their audience sign up for the text channels, with 41% of them subscribing to 2 or more. Audiences already feel personally connected to the reporters that matter most to them so providing this extra value of receiving texts from them on a subject they care about, is priceless. 

Deliver Daily Sports Picks

Sports betting is a competitive business and timeliness is of utmost importance. By delivering expert picks directly to your audience's phones, you’re providing a valuable service that people are willing to pay for. We’ve seen this service drive meaningful revenue for Paul the MMA Shark and early this month Advance Local launched Sharp Text, the newest sports betting channel on Subtext. For $49.99/mo, subscribers receive daily texts from experts at WagerTalk, Bettor Sports Network, Goldsheet, and more with NFL expert picks, plus sports betting insights for college football, MLB, NBA, UFC, and more. The team is already seeing an influx of sign-ups by drawing in sports fans all over the country. 

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SMS Delivers Value for Sports Fans

  • Audience sustainability: Create an SMS channel to build a community around your podcast, YouTube channel, etc. to engage and reward your most loyal fans.

  • Compliment your current offering with SMS: Retain your digital readership by offering exclusive content and unique access through SMS as a value add opportunity.  

  • Paid premium content: Offer premium and timely content delivered that audiences are willing to pay for to create a new revenue stream. 

Sports fans are always looking for new ways to engage around their favorite teams. Leverage the power of SMS to create a personal, high-touch texting community. Reach out to book a demo and speak to one of our SMS experts. 

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