Events: The SMS Playbook

In the ever-evolving landscape of event management, organizers constantly seek innovative ways to engage and connect with attendees before, during, and after live events. Attendees are tired of searching through their emails or an event website for information. Let’s talk about how SMS can be integrated into any live event as a direct and personalized attendee communication tool that cuts through the clutter. Texting enables event organizers to drive ticket sales, establish a real-time connection with attendees, deliver timely updates, gather feedback, and create memorable moments.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deep into the myriad of ways event-holders can harness the power of SMS to elevate their events to new heights. From pre-event preparations to day-of and post-event follow-up, SMS can seamlessly integrate into every event management phase, offering a versatile means of interaction and communication.


  • Import Your Audience: Got an existing list of phone numbers from a previous or upcoming event? Start there. Use the segmentation feature to tag your past and present event attendee list directly into your Subtext database to help boost ticket sales and jumpstart engagement. Subtext client Apartment Therapy is utilizing its attendee list from last year’s Small/Cool event to promote this year's iteration of the event.
  • Registration Reminders: Promote your event to all SMS subscribers by texting sign up reminders prior to the event.
  • Exclusive Discount Codes: Send a timely, pre-event link or subscriber-only promo code to event tickets.
  • Line-up Announcements: Build hype around the event by showcasing the event lineup and any special appearances to encourage ticket sales.
  • Share the Need-to-Know Details: Use the drip sequence feature to share all the event details that someone may need the day of without overloading them at once.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: Have partners sponsor your SMS channel. Whether you have one partner sponsor the entire channel or send texts highlighting sponsors as a value add, you're offering sponsors personal and direct communication to the audience they want to reach.

Pre Event-2

During the Event:

  • Day-of Communication Tool: Easily alert attendees of any last-minute changes in location or schedules to ensure a great event experience. Morning Brew used Subtext for their in-person event as their main communication tool with attendees. They utilized it to share schedule updates, and wifi passwords, and whenever an issue arose, they were thankful to have an immediate way to alert attendees.
  • Audience Session Q&A’s: Planning a speaking panel? Capture your audience's hard-pressing questions via SMS and have them answered by your guest speakers at the event for a truly interactive experience.
  • Merch Sales: Send a link or a special promo code for exclusive event merch available to your SMS subscribers.
  • Multiple Tracks?: Use the segmentation feature so event attendees can get more information about sessions in their track
  • Customer Service: On the day of an event, there are always people with questions. Use the SMS channel as a customer service line to respond to individual questions. Have a question that keeps coming up? Text all attendees!

During the Event-1

Post Event:

  • Send Surveys for Event Feedback: Want to know what your attendees thought about your event? Send a survey link and gather intel to help inform your next event. IRONMAN used Subtext to gather feedback after race weekend in order to enhance attendees' experiences during future races.
  • Cross-Promote Next Year's Event: Give your current subscriber attendees first dibs at scoring those tickets and register them for the next event.
  • Continue the Dialogue: Keep your subscribers in the know as you're gearing up for the next event with clips and pictures from panels, keynotes, networking happy hours, and more.
  • Promote Industry Events: Drive revenue by using your channel as a sponsorship opportunity for other events in your industry. You’ve already got a targeted list of people who love events so use it to your advantage.

Post Event


Use QR codes powered by Subtext throughout the event to create interactive experiences and collect attendee information. Attendees can scan QR codes to get access to a fun quiz or an interactive event or enter to win a prize. In turn, you can collect actionable attendee insights. 

We know organizing events is challenging and finding new ways to engage audiences throughout the process is one of the critical problems organizers face. Incorporating Subtext into every phase of your event planning and execution can significantly enhance the attendee experience, streamline communication, and improve overall event success. By harnessing SMS, event-holders can communicate directly and immediately with attendees, provide timely updates, gather valuable feedback, and create unforgettable experiences. Regardless of the type of event you're organizing – be it a corporate conference, music festival, trade show, or community gathering – this guide equips you with actionable strategies to maximize the potential of SMS. By embracing Subtext, marketers can not only enhance the attendee experience but also position your event as a standout in a crowded field, leaving a lasting impression on all who participate.

If you have an event and want to learn more about maximizing engagement, schedule a demo with Subtext.

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